Friday, June 24, 2005

Intel overclocks Chinese IT fund with $200m | The Register

Intel overclocks Chinese IT fund with $200m | The Register: "Intel overclocks Chinese IT fund with $200m
By Ashlee Vance in Chicago
Published Monday 13th June 2005 18:29 GMT

Like any technology giant worth its salt, Intel has put aside $200m to nurture young IT firms in China.

Handouts from the Intel Capital China Technology Fund will go to Chinese companies that fit in well with Intel's hopes and dreams. Intel plans initially to target players in the cellular, broadband and semiconductor design markets. Overall, the idea is to create a larger, more sophisticated Chinese IT market which will in turn spur demand for Intel's chips.

'Intel plans to stimulate local technological innovation and the continued growth of China's IT industry,' said Intel CEO Paul Otellini. 'We will invest in Chinese companies to accelerate technology adoption locally and to foster development of innovative technologies with potential for global distribution.'"

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Google developing online payment system

Google developing online payment system: "Google developing online payment system
Tue Jun 21, 9:01 PM ET

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Web search leader Google Inc.(Nasdaq:GOOG - news) is developing an online payment system but not a direct rival to eBay Inc.'s PayPal, Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt said on Tuesday.

Schmidt spoke after several days of heated speculation over reports that Google was working on a potential rival to PayPal, eBay's popular online payment system.
Schmidt said Google does not intend to offer a 'person-to-person stored-value payments system' like PayPal's, in which money briefly resides in PayPal's control during the transaction, but he did not give details of how the Google system would differ."

2003: Bahrain Central Informatics Organisation drives for e-Government on IBM and open standards platform | IBM Middle East

Bahrain Central Informatics Organisation drives for e-Government on IBM and open standards platform:

"Bahrain Central Informatics Organisation drives for e-Government on IBM and open standards platform
In a pioneering move, Bahrain Central Informatics Organisation (CIO) Government is to build its advanced national e-government infrastructure based on the open standard Linux platform."

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Economic Cluster: Innovation Incubation Example

Services, Facilities, and Funding to support Innovation within the Cluster. Tagalder provides a working example of an Innovation Center. The organization is focused on the Chinese market.

Tagalder is active in merger and acquisition in North/South America and Asia.

Tagalder's current projects include:

* A high-tech company in gamma ray container scanner inspection system
* A life science R&D startup company
* A finger print recognition equipment manufacture
* A finance and brokerage company in developing small business market in Asia

Tagalder provides the following services to it clients:

* Market study and Promotion
* Web site development and hosting
* Prototype and product development
* Trade show, Function development and lighting production
* Consulting in joint-venture development
* Traveling arrangement
* Patented technologies and trade marks
* IT development and outsourcing
* Language translation

Latest News

* Tagalder Affiliate Program
* Tagalder Corporate Web System
* Tagalder Real Estate Broker Web System
* Tagalder and Inno Biotech Inc.
* Tagalder's Press Release

Tagalder produces, distributes and wholesales products. Tagalder imports and exports from China. Its international trade division can assist foreign product to penetrate China market and search for foreign distributors for Made-In-China product.

Tagaldere is distributing the following product into China:

* Coverall Building Technologies
* Car wash equipments
* Brushstrokes Fine Art Collection

Tagalder is distributing various products from China to the international market:

* Gamma Ray Container Scanner
* Fire extinguisher
* Shoes
* Plywood
* Cell phone accessories
* Electronics
* Energy Saving Light Bulb
* Skin-touch hands free and microphones

For further inquires, pls email to

Economic Cluster: Governmental Involvements

An Example of Governmental integration into the strategic development of the economic infrastructure of a Cluster:

21 June 2005
Asia Pulse
(c) 2005 Asia Pulse Pte Limited

The government of Liaoning Province in northeast China recently signed an agreement on strategic cooperation with IBM China Limited, under which the two sides will strengthen cooperation in information exchange, business cooperation and personnel training.

Contents of the cooperation cover: the two sides will jointly plan to provide an information exchange platform for enterprises in Liaoning Province; IBM will provide IT information services and advisory services on information application to enterprises and institutions in Liaoning Province; Liaoning will give priority to the solutions and system proposals of IBM in its information system construction; the two sides will jointly arrange personnel training for information industry of Liaoning Province; the two sides will undertake strategic of multiple forms under the frame of the agreement.

IBM entered China 20 years ago and opened a branch in Shenyang, capital city of the province ten years ago.

Liaoning, an old industrial city, is now implementing a rejuvenation drive, which needs advanced information technologies to upgrade its old industrial enterprises. Information industry has been one of the fastest developing industries in the province. So far the province has secured cooperation with 22 world famous IT companies in the form of joint venture.

Ecconomic Cluster: Industrial Cluster of Shenyang China


From a global point of view, Shenyang is situated in the central area of Northeast Asia, close to Japan, south Korea, North Korea, Mongolia and Russia, while a glimpse at a map of China will locate Shenyang in the joint section of the Northeast China Economic Region and the Bohai Sea Rim Economic Region which consists of five provinces and two cities, namely, Liaoning, Hebei, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Shandong Beijing and Tianjin. With regards to Liaoning province, Shenyang is Surrounded by a number of cities, such as "Iron and Steel City" Anshan, 'Coal City" Fushun,"Chemical Fiber City- Liaoyang, "Coal and Iron City" Benxi and "Grain and Coal City" Tieling, which constitute an economic community in the middle part of Liaoning Province with Shenyang in the center, where the economic exchanges are frequent enough with a big market and a promising future. The favorable geographic location makes Shenyang a key element in the opening and development of the Northeast Asia Economic Region and Bohai Sea Rim Economic Region

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT as it relates to Industrial Cluster:
Since its establishment 12 years ago, SETDZ has attracted 1,140 project investments from 40 countries.