Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Economic Cluster: Governmental Involvements

An Example of Governmental integration into the strategic development of the economic infrastructure of a Cluster:

21 June 2005
Asia Pulse
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The government of Liaoning Province in northeast China recently signed an agreement on strategic cooperation with IBM China Limited, under which the two sides will strengthen cooperation in information exchange, business cooperation and personnel training.

Contents of the cooperation cover: the two sides will jointly plan to provide an information exchange platform for enterprises in Liaoning Province; IBM will provide IT information services and advisory services on information application to enterprises and institutions in Liaoning Province; Liaoning will give priority to the solutions and system proposals of IBM in its information system construction; the two sides will jointly arrange personnel training for information industry of Liaoning Province; the two sides will undertake strategic of multiple forms under the frame of the agreement.

IBM entered China 20 years ago and opened a branch in Shenyang, capital city of the province ten years ago.

Liaoning, an old industrial city, is now implementing a rejuvenation drive, which needs advanced information technologies to upgrade its old industrial enterprises. Information industry has been one of the fastest developing industries in the province. So far the province has secured cooperation with 22 world famous IT companies in the form of joint venture.