Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Economic Cluster: Innovation Incubation Example

Services, Facilities, and Funding to support Innovation within the Cluster. Tagalder provides a working example of an Innovation Center. The organization is focused on the Chinese market.

Tagalder is active in merger and acquisition in North/South America and Asia.

Tagalder's current projects include:

* A high-tech company in gamma ray container scanner inspection system
* A life science R&D startup company
* A finger print recognition equipment manufacture
* A finance and brokerage company in developing small business market in Asia

Tagalder provides the following services to it clients:

* Market study and Promotion
* Web site development and hosting
* Prototype and product development
* Trade show, Function development and lighting production
* Consulting in joint-venture development
* Traveling arrangement
* Patented technologies and trade marks
* IT development and outsourcing
* Language translation

Latest News

* Tagalder Affiliate Program
* Tagalder Corporate Web System
* Tagalder Real Estate Broker Web System
* Tagalder and Inno Biotech Inc.
* Tagalder's Press Release

Tagalder produces, distributes and wholesales products. Tagalder imports and exports from China. Its international trade division can assist foreign product to penetrate China market and search for foreign distributors for Made-In-China product.

Tagaldere is distributing the following product into China:

* Coverall Building Technologies
* Car wash equipments
* Brushstrokes Fine Art Collection

Tagalder is distributing various products from China to the international market:

* Gamma Ray Container Scanner
* Fire extinguisher
* Shoes
* Plywood
* Cell phone accessories
* Electronics
* Energy Saving Light Bulb
* Skin-touch hands free and microphones

For further inquires, pls email to trade@tagalder.com