Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Ecconomic Cluster: Industrial Cluster of Shenyang China


From a global point of view, Shenyang is situated in the central area of Northeast Asia, close to Japan, south Korea, North Korea, Mongolia and Russia, while a glimpse at a map of China will locate Shenyang in the joint section of the Northeast China Economic Region and the Bohai Sea Rim Economic Region which consists of five provinces and two cities, namely, Liaoning, Hebei, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Shandong Beijing and Tianjin. With regards to Liaoning province, Shenyang is Surrounded by a number of cities, such as "Iron and Steel City" Anshan, 'Coal City" Fushun,"Chemical Fiber City- Liaoyang, "Coal and Iron City" Benxi and "Grain and Coal City" Tieling, which constitute an economic community in the middle part of Liaoning Province with Shenyang in the center, where the economic exchanges are frequent enough with a big market and a promising future. The favorable geographic location makes Shenyang a key element in the opening and development of the Northeast Asia Economic Region and Bohai Sea Rim Economic Region

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT as it relates to Industrial Cluster:

Since its establishment 12 years ago, SETDZ has attracted 1,140 project investments from 40 countries.