Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Open Source Grid Directions in the Enterprise

Note: that we may have confusion between "Grid Node" and the GRID API (as exemplified by the Globaus Toolkit). Are they the same??


Tuecke: One example is the applications that SAP demonstrated last year at TechEd, which is its annual developer conference. They demonstrated use of the Globus Toolkit as the basis for what might be called application-driven provisioning of the infrastructure. In other words, they modified a set of their applications to use the Globus GRAM service to dynamically add and remove servers running SAP application software in response to varying workload demand on specific SAP applications. It allows multiple SAP applications to share a common grid infrastructure with each other and with other applications in the enterprise. They've enabled a number of their applications to use the Globus Toolkit in this capacity, including parts of the SAP Advanced Planner and Optimizer, SAP Internet Pricing and Configurator, and workforce management application.