Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Native XML application server within LAMP environment.



ActiveGrid announced it is partnering with open source leaders Covalent,
MySQL, Novell, Red Hat, and Zend to innovate and advance the open source
LAMP stack into the enterprise. The LAMP stack consists of Linux,
Apache, MySQL and Perl/Python/PHP. ActiveGrid also announced
partnerships with open source systems integrators Cignex and Optaros.
The ActiveGrid Application Builder and Grid Application Server are
designed for developers to easily create, scale, and deploy native XML
enterprise applications on grids of computers. Early access versions of
the open source applications can be downloaded at "By partnering with the key LAMP
players, ActiveGrid is able to integrate the LAMP stack into a cohesive
platform for enterprise customers," said Peter Yared, founder and CEO of


How Does the ActiveGrid Grid Application Server Work?
The ActiveGrid Grid Application Server extends the open source LAMP stack with grid-aware features such as dynamic node registration, data caching, session management, transaction management and interface fragment caching. These features are implemented as an Apache Module and as libraries that run within ModPHP, ModPython, ModPerl and Tomcat. The ActiveGrid Grid Application Server interprets applications at runtime and can make decisions based on context, such as how to most appropriately cache a set of data across the grid, or how to render a form fragment for a particular type of client and user role.