Thursday, June 05, 2008

37 Year Old Elmer Bandit with 20,710 Miles!!

Elmer, the 37-year-old elder statesman of competitive trail riding in the United States, has completed his first trail ride of the new season.

Only yesterday, Missouri owner Mary Anna Wood completed the paperwork for a further nine rides she and Elmer intend entering this season.

Elmer, among the first five horses inducted into the sport's Hall of Fame in 1980, successfully completed a two-day ride at Perry Lake, in Kansas, on the weekend of April 26.

Mary Anna and Elmer completed 33 miles (53km) on the Saturday and 20 miles (32km) on the Sunday.

He passed the veterinary checks without a problem.

Elmer now has 20,300 certified competitive miles (32,670km), and is only about seven rides away from passing the national record of 20,710 miles (33,330km) held by a saddlebred horse, Wing Tempo.

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