Saturday, November 26, 2005

Fab Lab work

Neil Gershenfeld -
Center for Bit's and Atom's (MIT - in the MIT dialect:)
"...An alarm clock you can wrestle with to prove you are awake."


the center:

for 25k you get:

and can build things like:

with workflow tutorials:
<>Making a Parabolic Antenna
<>Making Buttons
<>Making an Antenna Controller

Manufacture in a remote setting
reduce the threshold for invention
Open (NSF support) FabLab (steam turbines/Rural Telcom/...) Small hi-tech consumables (subtractive tools). rest are locally available materials.

Description of 20 year fabricator project - the outreach part exploded - 25k setup for a FabLab (not a "printing 3d object - only works in non-functional materials - "printing a thesis that gets up and walks off the printer":)

Ribosome (i.e. cellular) using threshold theorems which are molecular fabricators - making perfect things from imperfect parts. "Think about it to .." "...i wouldn't put too much effort in reading your mind ...") - programmability of the digital world out into the physical world.

the FabLab's are leapfrogging the the 20 year thing.

The minicomputer analogy (as dec is to sony; FabLab is to the 20 year thing).

"Overwhelming Passion to ...." spinning off microVC fab fund. Development organizations around the world to participate ....

"...the other 5.5 billion brains on the planet become part of the ..."

the secret of life is that is "to compute is to build" at the ...

"...the FabLabs are morphing/evolving into the 20 year vision ..."

" designs locally - collaboration on effective large designs ..."

"...Replicators - Digital Frabrication (today) --> "computeToBuild" (feed stock of engineered materials - that come together at the molecular level (too expensive in energy to do sub molecular constructions - only VERY special cases)..."