Monday, October 31, 2005

The Great Northern: A Cluster?

Or are Chicago+Detroit in the cluster too (along with Lacrosse!:)

>the four stages(sic?) of the innovation economy -
> - Current Performance
> - Resource Flow
> - Innovation Capacity
> - Development Capacity
>Innovation Indicators
> ...
> Indicators of regional inspiration compare research and development
> (R&D) expenditures by academic institutions, small businesses,
> corporations, and medical institutions. The successful competition
> for federal research grants assesses the quality of the regional
> research infrastructure.
> ...
> Of the 21 indicators used to assess inspiration??? <-- what are they?
>Invention Indicators
> (I think the Invention==patents metric is limited:)
> Invention Indicators focus on patents and the commercial possibility
> that regional patents represent....the perceived commercial
> potential of new knowledge in the region and a common benchmark for
> innovation.
>Momentum Indicators
> (...hmmm...sounds good - smells like apple pie - what is it?? just me?)
> Success breeds more success, ...branded 'hot spots'... Economic
> momentum provides a solid foundation for future growth, creates
> civic pride and aspiration, and contributes to regional wealth.
>Means Indicators
> (this one sounds more real to me?)
> Means Indicators assess the presence, cost, and willingness to
> support critical regional infrastructure in the areas of education,
> communications, transportation, business costs, and
> government supplied services.
>Great Northern - A Partner in Innovation?
> (other than they may not get it??:)
> The Great North acts as the regional catalyst and conscience to
> sustain the core community values, work ethic, and spirit of
> innovation that distinguish our region. Founded on the premise that
> our region's greatest challenges are best met by the collaborative
> efforts of business, academic, government, labor, and media
> organizations, The Great North unites civic-minded, CEO-level
> leadership, who are purposefully invited onto The Great North Board
> of Directors for their multiple regional perspectives.